Default processing method (EMP3)

Can I make a default processing method with filled out fields (like Void Volume, adjusted table and colum display,... ) and then copy that to all projects I'm working with ?


  • Neil
    You can make a processing method with all of the parameters, save it with a name and then right click on it in the methods table of the project and select Copy to Project.  Then select the project(s) you want to copy it to and click OK.
  • David, some of the items you mention are actually User preferences and not method content. These can also be saved and copied to other users in all projects, but probably won't transfer if you simply copy the project. It also possible to change the method named Default, so that each time a user clicks NEW it begins with those parameters, but be sure to have a regular Default Processing method in another project in case you ever need to return to it.
  • Heather can you please explain which items are User Preferences and which are method content?

    Also how can I change the method named Default?