Waters Autosampler 717 plus Failure

When trying to start a new run the Autosampler gives this message: "INITIALIZING TO LOCAL CONTROL STATE PLASE WAIT..." and fail to start. Any idea of what the problem could be?Thanks


  • Hi Laura,

    I am not an expert on this system.  But here are some questions a Engineer wanted me to ask you:


    Is an unusual error message for 717 ,but have to think , what is it connected to? If controlled by Empower, front panel should indicate under remote control.  Has anything changed recently , or PCB? Sounds like a resetting issue.  1. Can unit run standalone, boot up and make injections?  2. Check , power supply voltages, and battery?  3. Could be a CPU problem?


  • Hi Pflan,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I'm not an expert, either. The Autosampler is connected to HPLC pumps and PDA. It has worked fine until the last run. If I try to do a wash from the pumps the system works. But when ask to Empower to run samples that message appears on the 717 screen and the Empower declares system failure.
  • More from my colleague..." The 717 is I -EEE to Empower, it needs an address setting value of between, 2-29 , Check that the I eee address has not changed.   What is the definition of HPLC pump, 600, 2695?"
  • " also it the pump configured as system controller, or Empower control?"

  • I don't know how to check if 717 is I-EEE to Empower. The HPLC pump is 515. And, pumps are controlled as local or as remote from Empower.
  • The 515(s) should be hooked up to a PCM that has an IEEE cable attached to it. If the pumps are alternating between run and rem on their displays, they should be OK. If they alternate between run and stop, hit the left hand start/stop button(s) to get them into rem/start mode. If that fails, hit menu until you see Local, then hit edit, an arrow to change to remote, then enter again, followed by run/stop to get start/rem alternating display.

    Check 717 by hitting the Config button and poking around until you find an IEEE address. Do the same for other modules, particularly those that do not have dip switches setting the IEEE address (2487, 2996 detectors, for example). It is important that 1) IEEE addresses match those in the Empower system config (under node or system properties, you'll see things like "2487 @5" indicating a 2487 detector whose IEEE address is 5). 2) These addresses need to be different for each component.

    Hope this helps.