Needle/Seal Move Limit Exceeded (5.0) Help

Hi, I am a new user of UPLC H-Class system, so I am still a beginner.
Currently, I am learning to prime solvents and start-up system. My first try turns out fine, but today I encountered a problem with the Sample Manager FTN. 

When I start-up the system, there is blinking green light on Sample Manager FTN. Then it turn to red and shows message 'Needle/Seal Move Limit Exceeded (5.0)'. After resetting, the error is shown again in less than 1 minute.

So, I followed the steps provided as below;
1) reset the SM from console
2) switch on/off the SM FTN if the problem persists

but the problem still persists. 
The third step is to reset communication, but I am unable to find any buttons/tabs on how to reset communication for the SM FTN. 

Hope someone can help me. 
Thank you.


  • In the inlet window, under "LC" tab, select "reset communications".  If this does not solve your problem, you might need to replace the needle, or re-calibrate the Xyzp axes, or the needle Z axis.  one of these surely will resolve your issue.