Random Instrument failure with H-Class

Facing random"instrument failure" issue with H-Class system firmware 1.6,Empower 3  SR2 FR2
Module connected with QSM,SMFTN,30CM-CHA, PDA and Sample Organizer.
So far replaced LAC box , Ethernet card & Cables, FTN control cable, 30CM CH-A PCB.
No error message in console. "instrument failure" message appears in Empower message centre.
Reloaded ICS, Created new project & system. LAN power saving setting is OFF. Firewall OFF.
Instrument fails when it goes for injection.
Can someone help here 


  • I recall facing a similar issue a while back. Waters had to come in and replace some parts in the UPLC. I don't remember the specifics. You pretty much narrowed it down to the instrument by replacing the LACE and cables.
  • Please check the Acquity ICOP is above DP4 SR1 or the latest one DP2017 R1 installed .
    Secondly ensure the network speed is good from Lac/e to the Servers and no packet drops.
  • DP2017 R1  will resolved all these issues, make sure instrument firmware also get updated.
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