(Empower3) Condition Column vs. Equilibrate

What's the difference between function Condition Column and Equilibrate in the Empower3 Run samples sequence?

Which one should I use for post-sample column wash when using gradient elution?


  • Hi  The difference is as follows:  Equilibrate runs the HPLC pump at time = 0 conditions as specified by the Instrument Method in the Method Set and for the Run Time specified on that line.  Condition Column runs the HPLC pump thru the gradient as specified by the Instrument Method in the Method Set. Make sure the Run Time on that line is long enough to accommodate the entire gradient.  I would suggest condition column. 
  • Hi,

    whats the behaviour when the run time is longer than the Gradient Program?

    Say i have a Gradient that is 10 Minutes long and i enter 30 Minutes as Runtime. Does it run the Gradient 3 times, will it stay on end conditions for the rest of the run or will it switch back to Initial conditions?

    Thank you in advance.

  • I think once your run time is longer then needed for the gradient to cycle through then the pump stays flowing the final conditions so if you start at 0.5mls of 80%A and 20%B and end with 20%A and 80%B, it stays flowing at 20%A and 80%B until the time is up. 
    Enter multiple condition column lines in your sample set if you want the system to be well conditioned before you start injecting your standards/samples. 
  • Yep, it gets to the end conditions of the methods and then ‘holds’
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