Any Empower 2 users willing to help rescue some data?

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Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all - first time posting...

We recently had a PC failure on our lab's UPLC computer, which had an install of Empower 2. Sadly, we hadn't exported our recent projects yet; we've retrieved the data files from the hard drive, but as they are still in the Empower 2 native format, we are unable to import them into our fresh install of Empower 3.  

We were curious as to whether there were still any Empower 2 users kicking around, and whether they'd be willing to attempt to rescue some of our data, by exporting our recent projects? Sadly we can't pay - but your help would be immensely appreciated.



  • If you weren't taking any backups of the computer prior to the failure, the chances of recovering any data are very slim. There's a lot of metadata and Oracle files associated with the projects.
  • Yes, the Files alone wont restore even into an Empower 2 installation without the meta data export portions.
  • Thanks guys - worth a shot anyway. Good news is we've been able to re-analyse some of the most recent samples that were lost. We'll be exporting and backing up much more regularly now :).

  • Now is a good time to upgrade !
  • Indeed - already done! :)
  • and maybe check your back up /archive disaster recovery....  You'll surely find a local expert who can advise you on that
  • Hi.. usually PC failure would lead to Oracle error that prevent you from login to Empower (something with database).. but there could be a way to fix it since it's a common problem with Oracle, only not guaranteed to be successful, so try it as a last resort.. me myself had experienced with it before.. good luck with yours.. cheers!
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