How to change LIMS text file information (TargetLynx)



Does anyone know if it is posible to change what information is exportet to the LIMS text file, when doing this from TagetLynx. I want the CAS and compound type to be visible in the text file. This works when exporting to XML, but not when exproting to a .txt file. It is quant data from LC-MS/MS and I need to put some information in the two fields for use in LIMS.

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    Hello Rasmus, unfortunately the LIMS.txt file that is output from TargetLynx cannot be changed by the user. It contains 42 fixed fields, and as you say, the CAS and cpd type are not included. This is because these are relatively new fields, and the LIMS.txt file has not been changed by software development for a few years now. In comparison, the XML file has been actively developed and kept up to date. The other option is to purchase the MassLynx LIMS Interface, which uses HL7 message transmission via TCP/IP, so is typically used by hospitals. This interface can download a worklist from LIMS, use it to create a new sample list with stds, blanks and QCs at the start, and then later upload the requested TargetLynx results back to LIMS.

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  • Hi Mark

    Unfortunately, that was what I was worried about. However, thank you very much for taking your time to answer. Now I can move on with another solution. Probably XML.