Project size


I am a new user of the empower 3 software ( working with it for about 6 months). 
My question is:

Standard size for a project is 50 mb ( if I am correct)
Are there any problems for using a bigger size like 250 mb or more and what is the reason standard is only 50 mb?


  • It sounds like you're talking about tablespace allocation (which defaults at 50 mb). There are definitely no problems with a larger size at least up to 750 mb and I've gone larger than that but don't recommend it. I'm not sure why the default is 50, probably just because it's best to keep them small unless increased space is needed (I think this used to be more of a big deal on older computers).
  • I agree.... you would not put all your paper records in one giant box.... it is easier to create manageable sized folders. how best to find your data? One month.. all methods, or one method for 3 months. or one stability batch for 3 years???  all these are options plus any others you think of

    And don't forget this is ONLY tablespace size.. used for metadata in the database... and has nothing to do with raw data files. More channles, more results, more peaks, more custom fields = more tablespace. Bigger data files.... no additional tablespace needed
  • Thanks for the comments.