QDa - Resolution and calibration check on start-up - issue?


Hi there,

I seem to have issues trying to enable this option permanently.

I set the enable resolution and calibration check-box - see attached image. At the end of the day set the QDa to standby.

When I come to the QDa I switch on but the resolution and check on start up does not happen. I rechecked the check box and it reverts back to "disable" but I have not changed it.

Note all of the other Acquity modules are also in standby when I complete these actions.

Does anyone know why the "enable resolution and calibration check on start-up" keeps reverting to disable and not running when powering up from standby at the start of the day?


  • Pflan

    Hey Rob,

    I forwarded this question to our QDa experts onsite at Waters.  I should have an answer for you next week. 


  • rob_burgess
    edited August 2017

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for looking into this and the fwd.

    Thinking about this issue again I guess it could be that the "enable resolution and calibration check on start up" will do what it says i.e. the QDa only performs these automatic checks from start up (push button on front of instrument is turned off). So the system does not perform these calibration checks from switching on from "standby" - is this correct?

    If the above assumption is accurate, is there anyway to program the QDa to perform automatic calibration checks from standby. If not can I request that it be made possible in the future.



  • Pflan

    Hi Rob,

    Here was the feedback from our Mass Spec experts.

    Hope this helps.


    "The resolution and calibration check is performed following instrument start-up, and not during progression from Standby to Operate. Many thanks for the feedback on enabling the automated check during this additional step. This not currently planned but can be considered alongside other enhancement requests. It is also possible to run a stand alone calibration and resolution check from the Maintain menu header in the ACQUITY QDa console page. As a general point, the calibration and resolution settings once correctly applied are typically very stable and it should not be necessary to check these very routinely (though we appreciate this may be performed more from a compliance perspective).   Failure to maintain the desired selection of enabling or disabling the calibration/resolution check has not been reported previously. We will continue to investigate and provide a final comment on this observation soon."

  • Hi All,

    As an update I have found that when I routinely run the resolution and calibration checks (everyday from a compliance SOP standpoint) I have been getting more reliable results running the following manner:

    1) Ensure no liquid flow (either from the column pump or isocratic solvent manager) is going into the QDa before or whilst running the in-built calibration and resolution checks
    and 2) run "Check Calibration" first followed by "Check Resolution"

    How do others run these in-built checks to ensure they pass first time without issue?