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WELCOME to the new Waters Forum!  The forum does not require product validation and is open to the public. 

Prior Community Members
Don’t worry!  If you were a prior member of Waters Community, we’ve moved your profile and discussions over from the community.  To access your account, click the “Sign in” link in the top right-hand corner of the screen and type the email address associated with your account.  Click “Forgot?” to have a password reset email sent to you.   

We encourage you to update your profile after you've logged in! To do this, click on the hog wheel in the upper right-hand corner, select profile, then select change my picture.  You can also regulate your email notifications by selecting Notification Preferences.

New Members
If you are a new member, please register.  You must be a registered user in order to participate in the discussions.

Please feel free to contact Cheryl Emery with any questions or concerns regarding forum registration.


  • who knows how to explain the backpressure test in the sample manager
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