Method transfer from Acquity UPLC to Acquity H-Class UPLC

<p>Hello ,</p><p></p><p>I have an issue regarding method transfer from Acquity UPLC (with BSM and Partial Loop mode) to Acquity H-Class UPLC system,</p><p>the peak obtained in the H-Class is about third (in area) relative to the peak obtained in the Acquity UPLC system, moreover the peak shape</p><p>and height in the Acquity UPLC system is byfar much better than that obtained in H-class system .</p><p>Weak wash sovent used for the acquity UPLC is : 80%Water:20%ACN and the Strong wash is Methanol (which is used also as material  solvent) .</p><p>Is there any way to overcome this problem when transfering a method (with Partial Loop) to an H-class system ? </p><p>Please advise .</p><p>Best regards ,</p><p></p><p>Maher K.</p>


  • Hi Maher.. First of all.. did you use the same column? It needs to be the same chemistry to be successful with method transfer.. Second, did you use gradient method? Because if you did, then it's not that simple to do method transfer since Acquity UPLC and H-Class has different dwell volume.. you need to calculate (know) the dwell volume of each instrument and do some adjustment so it could be successful.. hope it is helpful.. cheers!