Archiving Agilent OpenLAB data onto NuGenesis or Else

<p>Dear Colleagues,</p><p>We have some Agilent OpenLAB data that needs to be archived before we retire the OpenLAB server. Can anyone share any experience or recommendation on how to archive the data either onto NuGenesis SDMS or using an alternative solution?</p><p>Thanks and Warm Regards,</p><p>Jing</p>


  • Hi

    If you want to ensure read only access you will have to use a "platform independent" data format what means you need to export and tramsform data. That data you can archive where ever you want:

    Can you export the data in ACAML or better in animl format-.

    Agilent if offering a viewer for acaml data so that you can access the data and chromatogram using the viewer.

  • Thank you so much Reinhard for your help. We are considering keeping a virtual server for an easier data retrieval. Jing

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