Column Name and Column Serial Number custom fields in Empower 3

<p>Based on PCS# 53819, these two new custom fields in Empower 3 are used by Analytics to track column usage. They are set up as Enum type, which means end user have to customize the list of columns based on their situation. </p><p></p><p>I wonder whether anyone has used these custom field so far, and how  you are using it. In our situation, we have hundreds of Empower projects and thousands of column serial numbers, so trying to customize the list of columns for each project is going to be a huge task. Since each project might use different set of columns, the Enum translation in Project A might be different from the translation in Project B. I guess one option is to copy the same lists to all the projects no matter whether they use the column or not, but that will be a big list for user to go through and pick the right one. </p>


  • Shaun,

    Were you able to get any column statistics in Empower 3? We tried asking user to enter the column name and serial # manually, and also tried using populated list from the custom field, but there is nowhere under Empower Analytics that I can see column usage statistics like PCS 53819 said. I already filed a phone support ticket and contacted our technical support, but nobody from Waters seem to know about it either.

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