LACE Generation

<p>Does anybody know how I can tell what generation my LACE boxes are from the serial number?</p><p></p><p>Thanks in advance</p>


  • I think this information is only given to support/FSE's. You ought to be able to contact either to get the answer.

    Online I am only able to find the following, which is probably not helpful enough.

  • Thanks for the effort Shaun. I had seen the same document as you linked but yes it doesn't quite solve the problem. I will speak with the local rep to see if I can find an answer.

  • We are about to upgrade from SR1 to SR2 and some of the upgrade guides mention particular LACE generations for hardware requirements. I believe we meet the hardware requirements but I was curious as to what generations we have.

  • If you lookup the Release Notes for the different LACE's, you'll notice that each generation LACE usually has different connections on the back. Otherwise, you can give the serial number of the LACE to Waters, and they can tell you what generation it is.
  • Easier way is to look for USB ports on the front.

    Config 15 (4 ports visable on front), Config 14 (2 ports behind rubber flap on front), Config 13 (2 ports behind black door on front), Config 12 (no port - black plastic behind door on front),