Creating calibration curve from one injection

I have a lab that is performing manual injections using eSATIN.  All of the standards appear in Empower as one injection and then all of the samples appear in another.</p><p>So in Empower the Sample Set consists of 3 lines (a blank, all standards (1-5) on one line, and samples on one line).</p><p>The standard injection will have 5 peaks, each representing STD 1 - STD 5.  Is there any way to calibrate each of these peaks in this one injection (create a 5 point curve from 5 peaks in one injection) and then quantitate the samples that occur in the one sample injection (several samples appears as different peaks in one injection row in the sample set)?  They are doing this manually now and I haven't seen anything like this before.</p><p>I have included an attachment that shows what the standard 'injection' looks like.</p><p></p><p>Any help would be appreciated.</p><p></p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Chris</p>


  • This is very easily accomplished.

    In the components editor of the sample set add the five compounds for the five replicate injections of standard. Enter a concentration for each component. Enter appropriate sample weights and dilutions.

    Empower will calculate everything else automatically for you.

    Keep in mind the number one mistake is mismatch of units between samples and standards

  • Hi Chris,

    Yep… I did not get that at all. My apologies.

    What version of Empower are you using? My first thought would be to create a processing only sample set where you might be able to list the five standard injections separately, assign separate concentration information, and a different level to each injection.

    My other throughout would be to list the five standard injections as five different lines in the sample set method.

    My final thought would be to use the Default Amounts/Purity tab in the processing method to simply assign five different level concentrations there. However, I am not too sure how well in practice this will really work as I have only used the approach for single point calculations.

    Outside of those three options, I don't think there is anything else that you could do in this case.


  • The best way to do this is to probably create a named group within the processing method. In the component editor of the sample set method, you only enter the name of the named group and the calibration concentrations.

    Sorry I did not think of this earlier. Someone in another forum jogged my memory on this when they asked a related question.

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