Strange security and general errors

Enterprise build 3471, service pack 2, client stack access via virtual Citrix servers.I'm starting to see odd combinations of errors in the message center.Users who find all data missing for all sample sets previously viewable in any project get the general error:     Chrom open for read failed, file \... err = 'Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.'as well as a config. manager/security error:     Unsuccessful attempt to confirm identity with user account 'John_Doe'.  See System Audit Trail for details.Anyone have any idea what's up? There are no login failures associated with these errors (timewise). This has happened to 3 different users in the past couple of days. My suspicion is that they changed their Empower and/or LAN passwords and it is just taking a little while for one of the servers to get up to speed on this.
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