Empower 3 processing server returns no results

Hi all,</p><p></p><p>I start the sample set processing but I get no results. No error messages are logged in Message Centre, no alarming message windows appear, all I see is the project's name briefly flicker in processing server window and that's it. There area no issues with simpler calculations though, entire sample sets are processed and results returned just fine, but in the present situation I need to use rather more extravagant method set (PDA total plot, smoothing) and that doesn't seem to sit well with Empower. It has happened couple of times before, when using a method set with above average complexity, that sample sets are not processed in their entirety, but trying a few times I have eventually got my results. This time no luck.</p><p></p><p>Any ideas and help appreciated.</p>


  • greeni

    Dear Kalev,

    here is a list of common reasons, why no results can be produced:
    - not sufficient tablespace left for your Empower project

    - the project has a read only lock

    - missing method sets in the sample set

    - 'Don't process or report! is defined for all rows in the sample set and the functional lines Quantitate and Calibrate at the end of the sample set are missing or have the 'Don't process or Report! setting as well.

    - channels are locked

    - no instrument method present in the selected method sets

    Hope this might help you.


  • Hello,

    also the same problem with processing could be caused by use of non-ascii characters in Sample Set names, components names, sample names etc. Characters like Ä/ä, Ö/ö, Ü/ü ... are not interpreted correctly. Oracle uses in default settings character set WE8ISO8859P1.

    In this case try to change names to ascii only characters and reprocess data.


  • I encounter this issue on a random basis. I always check the table space of the project first. If it has over 20 MB, I just have the chemist restart the computer, and then you'll get results after processing.
  • OK,

    it is necessary to close and open project window to reflect new table space quota value. Then results are saved.

  • off and on the lace
    off and on the server
    and open a ticket to waters
    it's a typical problem solving
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  • On the client where you use the application. 

    Reopen application with new updated quota value.

  • Check that your Windows user it's not blocked.