Empower3: Exporting chromatograms ready for publication?

HelloHow can I get chromatograms and peakspectras in a reasonable quality and format that can be used for publication in journals?I know how to export or save my chroms as ".emf" files either from preview or by an export method.These files can then be inserted in MS-Word files with no problems, but the journal editors wants to have these files available also as seperate image files.Preferably they want to have ".tiff" files with a resolution of at least 1200 dpi for b/w graphics.Additional formats that could also be use are: PDF, EPS, CDX.I can convert the ".emf" file with "Acorbat" or "XnView" but cannot improve the resolution to the level needed.XnViev tells me a resolution of 96x96 for the original ".emf" file and won't let me to raise it at all.With Acrobat I've managed to export it to a ".tiff" with 600x600 dpi. With higher resolutions, I'm getting error messages.Maybe I'll find a way to solve these errors but in the meantime any recommendations are welcome.Dear Colleagues, how are you creating such publications? (it's my first one, so I'm not yet experienced in doing so :-) )FYI: We're using Empower3 b3471Thank you for you repliesSam
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