Sugar columns on H-Class

<p>So, now that Waters has an RI detector that can be used on H-Class instruments, we have been considering using this instrument in a new lab for this?  However, one problem that I notice is that all our sugars columns (even those from Waters) are too fat to fit in the column heaters.  Is this something Waters plans to address?</p><p></p><p>I have heard someone suggest that the column heater/coolers are slightly bigger and could fit these columns, but no one has been able to confirm this for me.</p>


  • Brian,

    We do offer a column heater for columns longer than 150mm.  Your Sales specialist should be able to help you if you need one.


  • Longer isn't the problem.  We have a 30 cm column heater.  The problem is the columns are too fat to fit in the column heater channel.  You cannot put it in the heater and close the heater door.