Empower 1 - Problem during sample Processing - Missed Data and DCOM Problem

<p>Dear all,</p><p>In my environmental infrastructure I have problem during sample processing. The graph reporting message "Missing data" see attach below.</p><p>The problem is probably due to the different domain between the Empower Client and the Empower Server (the two different domain are not trusted).</p><p>In event viewer of Windows XP sp3 receive the following message:</p><p></p><p>DCOM got error "General access denied error" from the computer [serverme] when attempting to activate de server:</p><p>{C783AOAC-DE1A-49CD-8AEF-ABCEDE313510}</p><p>   </p><p>Can you give me some suggestion to resolve it?</p><p></p><p>Thanks to all.</p><p></p><p>Paolo Mancini</p>


  • From what I remember when helping IT setup an enterprise version of empower many many moons ago... The DCOM error will happen:

    1. When user privledges are not appropriately set.

    2. When a computers are on different domains.

    I know, not much help...

    It also looks like you have an error in the message center. Does that shed any more light on the problem?

  • Dear Sbeier78,

    Thanks for the answer. For me it's very important to shared my problem with someone.

    I have check the folder privilege and it is ok, now try to check the db privilege.

    My environmental is mixed from two different domain, not trusted :-(

    Do you remind a solution to solve this problem?

    The Empower message center give me a general error "Data File checksum Error" and "Chrom open for read failed,"



  • The error in the message center is not very helpful. That error can be given for a number of different reasons.

    I believe that the solutions here would be:

    1. Get the computers on the same domain if at all possible. If you are at two different locations, then I would suggest something like vnc/rdp, vpn, citrix, or terminal services. VNC/RDP being the least preferred route.

    2. Outside of that, make the domain a trusted...

    I'm not sure if there are any other options out there...

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