Empower 1 - Problem during sample Processing - Missed Data and DCOM Problem

Dear all,In my environmental infrastructure I have problem during sample processing. The graph reporting message "Missing data" see attach below.The problem is probably due to the different domain between the Empower Client and the Empower Server (the two different domain are not trusted).In event viewer of Windows XP sp3 receive the following message:DCOM got error "General access denied error" from the computer [serverme] when attempting to activate de server:{C783AOAC-DE1A-49CD-8AEF-ABCEDE313510}   Can you give me some suggestion to resolve it?Thanks to all.Paolo Mancini


  • From what I remember when helping IT setup an enterprise version of empower many many moons ago... The DCOM error will happen:

    1. When user privledges are not appropriately set.

    2. When a computers are on different domains.

    I know, not much help...

    It also looks like you have an error in the message center. Does that shed any more light on the problem?

  • Dear Sbeier78,

    Thanks for the answer. For me it's very important to shared my problem with someone.

    I have check the folder privilege and it is ok, now try to check the db privilege.

    My environmental is mixed from two different domain, not trusted :-(

    Do you remind a solution to solve this problem?

    The Empower message center give me a general error "Data File checksum Error" and "Chrom open for read failed,"



  • The error in the message center is not very helpful. That error can be given for a number of different reasons.

    I believe that the solutions here would be:

    1. Get the computers on the same domain if at all possible. If you are at two different locations, then I would suggest something like vnc/rdp, vpn, citrix, or terminal services. VNC/RDP being the least preferred route.

    2. Outside of that, make the domain a trusted...

    I'm not sure if there are any other options out there...

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