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Dear members, please give your inputs and help me on this ..... My Injection has two peaks called as meta and para I have to apply RRF for both peaks The area % of Sum of both peaks shall be considered as 100% And then my calculation is Peak %Area= (%area after applying RRF of Meta/Para)*100)/Total area% of both meta and para after applying RRF Your prompt response is highly cherished? Regards SATYA


  • I am not sure I understand the question clearly, but it would seem that you are simply looking for the Empower version of the formula you describe and that you only intend to calculate this value for the two components you mention, Meta and Para.

    To utilize an RRF, there are a number of ways depending on what value you are ultimately looking for.  In an Area% situation as you've described, I've utlized the Relative Response field in a processing method to input values for various peaks.  Then, within a custom field, utilized that field within a formula to generate a corrected value.

    From what you wrote for your formula, I guess I would think that you are looking for something like the following for Meta:

    (Meta[Area]*Relative Response*100)/(Meta[Area]*Relative Response + Para[Area]*Relative Response)

    The above would give you the %Meta following application of the Relative Response value.  You could also simply put the numerical value in the formula instead of using the Relative Response field in your processing method to further simplify so long as you don't intend to use the formula in other methods which may have alternate RRF values based on the method.  You could then alter the initial use of Meta to Para to determine the same % value for the other component.

    If you have more than these two components, there are further things you could do to make the formula robust to other values which I would recommend if it applies.  I love it when I can create a single formula that allows it to work for multiple components and multiple methods due to the simplification of various formula instructions.

  • Hi Schulte,

    Fantastic ......

    Thanks for your inputs....

    I also loves signle formulae to cover all the componenst .


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