Loss of network connection

<p>I recently upgraded to Empower 3 SR1.  Soon after, I have had LACE's stop communicating on the network at random times.  This is verified by a ping failure.  Sometimes a reboot is not enough to restore communication.  To restore communication, I unplug the network cable for a few seconds and then plug it back in. I have set up a scheduled task that pings all my LACE's on a 5 minute interval and logs any ping failures to a file for review (sample of that file output is attached).  I have noticed that sometimes the communication failure is long term (i.e. have to go pull the network cable), but upon reviewing the file that gets generated from my scheduled task, I see that there are occurrences where the ping fails for a given LACE and has success on the next ping.  I have also noticed that this seems to be happening only on my configuration 13 (part # 668000373) LACE's.  I have NOT noticed this behavior on my config 12 (668000353) LACE's.  Has anyone else seen this and does anyone have any ideas?</p>


  • Correction.  I have started to notice this on all my LACE's, not just the config 13's.

  • Hi Tom

    Have you tried to ping using larger packages. Sometimes you may be in good shape when you transfer packages that are very small in size but  you will get higher latency and randomly loss of packages when the size of a single package increases.

    Try the ping with the following option:

    ping -l 1000 <hostname>

    that will send packages of 1000 byte (default is 64)

  • Sorry
    Forgot to add

    If you get more unstable with larger packages then it will be worth to involve network specialists for further investigations.

  • Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll try that.  My bigger issue are the times that the LACE stays disconnected until the network cable is unplugged.  This weekend I had over 6 LACE's where this had to happen to bring them back online. I've had my network guys look at it and they cannot find anything out of the ordinary.  They don't even see the outage until the network cable is pulled.

  • Hi Tom

    As well worth to look at:

    What are the settings of your network card defining connection speed. I have seen case where having speed set to "auto" did result into either the card or the port at the switch being blocked.

    So it may be worth to try to set the speed of the card to 100MBits in case you have a 100 MBit Networkline.

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