New FLR, sample set can't make it past the first injection

<p>We added an FLR to our Acquity H Class yesterday.  Today tried to run another method that uses the PDA (first detector in series with the FLR) and our sample sets won't move past the first injection.  The PDA shutter stays open, the sample manager stops running, the column manager stops running and the pumps continue?!?  Re-adjusted my instrument method to include and exclude the FLR and nothing seems to help?  Any suggestions about how to ensure your method set/instrument method/sample set run smoothly with 2 detectors?</p><p></p><p>Thank you thank you thank you <span __jive_emoticon_name="confused" __jive_macro_name="emoticon" class="jive_macro jive_emote" src="/4.0.8/images/emoticons/confused.gif"></span> </p>


  • ehenning
    edited January 2023

    my first thought was the instrument method but sounds like you've got that covered. I'm assuming that the FLR is turned off in the instrument method and you're only collecting PDA data. All instruments in the system configuration and instrument method are powered up?  ICOPS installed for each module?  Do all modules show up in the console? Most of these are probably ok since it makes the first injection.  I've seen this with older fluorescence detectors when contact closure was not setup properly.  I honestly can't remember if ACQUITY FLR requires it or not.  Is this Empower or MassLynx?  I know you mentioned that the pump continues to run, does the run time counter continue past the end of normal run time?  If you check the log in the console, are any errors generated?


  • I know with the 2475 FLD using the ethernet connection for Empower on an Alliance 2695 requires a start inject connection from the Alliance to the 2475. When this is not connected we see the same behavior. It is possible this is required for the Acquity as well.