plate type

<p>in our lab we only use the plate type ''ANSI 48-vial 2ml holder''  and mistakenly some analysts select onther plate type from the menu which lead to many problems.</p><p>1- Is there any way to deactivate the other plate types to make the ANSI 48 vial-2ml holder is the only choice?</p><p>2- If No, Can I create new plate type with the same specifications of the ANSI 48 vial-2ml holder? and how I could import this spesifications to the newly created plate type?</p><p>NB. we use acquity UPLC H-class and Empower software.</p><p>many thanks</p><p>m marie</p>


  • Hi Mahmoud,

         To the best of my knowledge, Empower does not allow editing of the plate configuration or bed layout like MassLynx does.  You just have to be very careful about the plate type selected.  One thing that may be helpful, is to create a generic sample set method.  Choose the ANSI 48well 2mL vial holder, and then save that sample method so that it can be used as a template for all future sample set methods. Of course this works well for me because my sample sets are usually short and I don't typically use the sample set wizard.  Hope this is helpful.


  • NSmart

    Have you considered having users change their default plate type to be the ''ANSI 48-vial 2ml holder" plate type? As with most Empower preferences, it's per project, but it might help circumvent some of the issues.

    I've attached screenshots of how to do it in Pro and Quickstart. (I'm on Empower 2 Enterprise)