"Accelerate" in quaternary solvent manager

<p> In the quaternary solvent manager tab in the instrument method editor, there is an "accelerate to 2ml/min in:" box.  What does this do?  Obviously it appears to set a rate up to 2ml/min, but does it affect flow rates of the instrument if you arent ramping flow up to 2 ml/min? </p>


  • Hi Michael

    This function specifies how fast the pump should accelerate the flow to any given value. The default is 0.45 min so the flow rate acceleration is 4.444ml/min/min, so it will take 0.45 min to reach a flow of 2ml/min, when you say go. This is to protect pressure sensitive columns so you can slowly ramp the flow (and pressure). Modern RP columns including the ACQUITY columns are not pressure sensitive so you can go very fast from 0 flow to any flow rate, so just leave this at default.

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