How do I connect a Waters fraction collector III to my UPLC Acuity system for software control?

<p> How do I connect a Waters fraction collector III to my UPLC Acuity system (outfitted with Acquity autosampler and PDA) in such a way that I can program the fraction collector via Fractionlynx software? I expected to see an ethernet plug on the fraction collector that would connect to the sample manager, but the fraction collector does not have an ethernet port.</p><p>Will I be using the stripped wire ends of an unspecified cable to plug into ports 3 & 4 of the fraction collector I/O terminal? Then do I connect these same wires to the corresponding terminals on my <em><strong>detector</strong></em> or to the <em><strong>sample manager</strong></em>, terminal I or II on each, or what? I haven't found any instructions that are very clear to me.</p><p>Thanks</p>


  • Julie,

    The WFC III communicates to MassLynx/FractionLynx via RS-232.  The part number for the cable is 700002170.  I suggest you work through your local Waters Reps to make sure you obtain everything you need. 



  • Hello Rich,

         I'm pretty sure the answer is no but could not resist asking. Is the a 2154 option for WFCIII and ACQUITY?  Will there be?  Thanks!


  • our existing WFCIII already has the E2 prom, but running with a 2695.

  • Eric,

    There is no restriction on using the WFC III with an ACQUITY under Empower control.  It can and has been done.

    That said, considering that the WFC III was designed for use at higher flow rates than those typically encountered in UPLC, you'll need to be creative when working at lower flow rates.

    Contact me directly and I'd be happy to discuss this further.



  • thank you Rich.  greatly appreciate it.


  • Rich, Do I connect it to the detector

    via an RS232 or attempt to connect it somehow to the sample manager? Also, what special maneuvers need to be made (to which you referred) in order to work on AcquityUPLC at flows of 0.1 to 0.2ml/min?

    thanks, julie

  • Hi Julie,

    The RS 232 port of the WFC III is connected to an RS 232 port on your MassLynx workstation.

    The rest of your questions are probably best answered by telephone.

    I'll give you 2 options:

    1) Call 800 252 4752 and speak to Technical Support

    2) Send me a private e-mail with your contact information and I will call you.



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