Beckman CE PA800+ controlled with Empower2

Hello,i try to control a Beckman PA800+ with Empower2.I use the CE Software form Waters version 1.1.5 on a stand alone LACE.My first Problem is that my instrument method is corrupt. When i start a sample the different rinse steps will be performed, but every time the inject step wont be performed.The second Problem is that during the seperation step the current every time is 0,000µA. When i control the CE with the Karat software the current is during the seperation step about -30µA.Is there any user out there who has the same problems and/or already solved?Please help me I'm sorry for my bad english.GreetingsTobias


  • Hello Tobias,

    Is there any information in the Empower Message Center that is relevant to this?

    To troubleshoot the problems you experienced more information (typically the project) is needed. I recommend you contact your local Waters support group to initiate a CIT record.



  • Hello,

    i solved the problem with a service member from beckman coulter.

    The reason why it dosent work was that i used an old method, created with software version 1.1.4.

    We just write a completly new instrument method and everything works fine!

    This thread can be closed!

    Many thanks.


  • Is the Beckman CE PA800+ plugin available for Empower 3?

  • Hi Scott,

    Yes, version 1.1.5 of the Beckman driver is available and supports Windows 7 and Empower 3.

    Contact your Waters representative, as this an item that needs to be ordered.

    Best regards


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