FTN on a H class system

<p>Our company has recently purchased an H Class system that has a Flow through needle injector on the sample manager.  I understand how the injector workds for the Acquity, but could someone explain how the FTN injector work? </p>


  • Please go to www.waters.com - Service and Support - Support Library and search for document USRM10144216


  • Is there a rotor seal behind the injector?  Does the injector switch from the load mode to the inject mode?

  • Hi Dee

    Yes there is a rotor seal in the injection valve, but is not user replaceable. Yes the injection valve switches to load position, the syringe will draw up the sample, the needle will move to the needle seal and the valve will switch back to inject mode = normal mode, and the sample will be flushed to the column. The needle is part of the flow path from pump to column, therefore the name Flow Through Needle (FTN). Please see the attached manual for further details.

    best regards


  • Hi Rune-  Thank you for your response.

    When taking the sample from the vial, is the amount taken of the sample solution the same amount as in the sample set, or is an additional amount taken?

    Thank you for your assistance.


  • Hi Denise

    In contrast to the "classical" UPLC system sample manager where we have 3 different injection modes, and where two of them are using an overfill factor, the FTN sample manager is only drawing the amount of sample you specify in the sample set, so no sample waste.

    best regards


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