'No Vial Condition' issue with GC - additional information

<p>We made the following suggestions;</p><p>'No vial condition' indicates the vial is not located in correct position or is missing. In that case the system stops the analysis. Then, when you start again the system will ask you what you want to do - continue on next injection, next vial, next sample set...</p><p>Recommend eliminating the existing sample set from sample set tab in Run Sample window and try loading a new Sample Set - run the complete Sample Set again. Since Empower sees the first run as a failure and if you don't load a new sample set, Empower will take this as separate injections.</p><p>Client did not report that this approach fixed the problem (rather, did not produce desired result), but that they have been able to alter running sample as a temporary workaround.</p>


  • Hi KerryG,

    I believe you could accomplish the same functionality by using the "Pause" function in the sample set.

    Add a row between the samples and choose Function = Pause.  You can give it a long run time (up to 650 minutes).  When you are ready for the next sample, you can then stop and move to the next row.

    Hope this helps,


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