How Does Empower 2 Calculate Total Sample Set Time?

While I was preparing to explain to some users how Empower 2 (SP G, HF 2) will calculate the total time required for their runs.
I noticed that it tacked an additional 1 min 21 sec per injection beyond the run time, and assumed it was taking into account the delay between injections.
However, I cannot determine where this number came from. I checked what it is on a variety of different instruments. Here is what I got:
.Added Time (sec)H-Class UPLCAllianceAgilent 1100Agilent 1200Agilent 78903455816614700680550317
So I'm assuming Empower isn't making these values up, but have no idea where they came from. Any input would be appreciated!


  • Hi smart ,

    It may be the time to take for an injection.

    Agilent: If you enable needle wash in Agilent.

    Waters:  Needle wash+Injection time.

    If i am wrong let me know please.


  • Clearly, though, 0 or 7 seconds is way too small for any of that, and almost 10 min is way too long. As I said, I originally thought that as well, but that is clearly not the case for some of these.

  • Why cont we go through Instrument settings.

    I am not sure but we can find something.


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