"latest results" view filter

<p>I want to view my results such that only my latest processed results are shown.  I know there is a way to set up the view filter, but I forget how to set it up.  For example, I process a sample several times, I only want the latest integration/calibration to show up.   </p>


  • Hi Michael

    You can find the view filter "latest result for each channel" in the default project. From here you can copy it to your own projects.

    Best practice for processing is:

    1. Process an entire sample set

    2. Review the resulting results set

    3. Make any manual changes required and save the results.

    4. Print or preview the results set.

    This will ensure that only the latest results from each channel are printed.

    best regards


  • I do not have a default project.  

  • Hi again

    This is the view filter formual you have to create then :


    best regards


  • Sorry the formula did not get in so I have attached it instead.

  • If you click in the header "Date Processed" ( the line that the blue Empower "E" is in) your view will become sorted by the column you click on. This can be used on any of the columns. Unlike Excel all columns are selected to sort by default. (at least that the way I see it)

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