How do I deselect SQ detector

<p> Hi</p><p>This is probably a trivial question, but I just cant figure it out :-( We have an Acquity UPLC with TUV detector and SQ detector using Masslynx. Normally we run both detectors as a standard. When doing maintanance on the SQ detector I would like to be able to run samples on the system with only the TUV detector. Meanwhile the system informs me that the SQ detector is not ready and the run will not start. What do I do in the masslynx samplelist (or elsewhere) to still be able to run the samples with the SQ detector deselected?</p><p>Hi from Marie</p>


  • Marie,

    Unfortunately, in MassLynx you can not de-select the MS.  Once MassLynx is loaded with Mass  control, the MS run time clock becomes the "Master Clock" if you will.  So you will have to run the MS even if you are not interested in the data.  I would create a "dummy" MS method with the desired run time and simply ignore the data.


  • RD


    As an alternative to what Marc suggested, you might consider using a laptop loaded with MassLynx (no MS specified) for those times when you need to use the UPLC and the MS is powered down and off-line.

    A separate hard drive loaded with ML that you can swap into your current workstation will also provide a work around.