Agilent ICS 1.06 and Waters Agilent ICF v2.1 compatibility

<p> Hello - We are running Empower 3, FR1, SR1. We currently are running Agilent 1100s and 1200s with the ICS v1.06. If we were to attach an Agilent Infinity System (1260 series) we will have to install the ICF v2.1.</p><p>Has anyone run Empower with both the ICS v1.06 and ICF installed? Any issues?</p><p>Thanks-</p><p>Traci</p>


  • Hello Traci,

    we hadn´t run this combination.

    But we have the same situation with Empower2.

    A Waters technician assured us that we can run both drivers in parallel.

    There should be no issues.

    We haven´t tested this so far for Empower2.

    But when we know more I let you know.

    See also:

    Best regards,