Beginner to get a table of integrated peaks for a specific mass at a specific RT.

I am trying to attempt flux balance analysis on a set of cell samples which were fed 13C labelled carbon sources.Let's say I am trying to detect labelled lactic acid. I know the mass of the standard is 89.023 and it comes off the column with a retention time of 7.6min in the negative mode.I want to detect the integrated area of the compound with the correct mass, then the one with one 13C label (+1.0034 mass units), two 13C labels, etc.The masses of these are:89.023390.026791.030192.0335Which software package do I use to get integrated intensities for each of those masses at a retention time near the one I stated above? I can do it manually by going to each sample, and searching for that mass and integrating in the chromatogram viewer, but I am searching for >100 metabolites with multiple possible labelling on two dozen samples.Can someone just point me in the right direction.I should say that I cannot get MarkerLynx to identify all of the masses as Markersat a specific retention time.Thanks
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