current UPLC ICOP?

<p>Could someone tell me what the most current version of ICOP is?  We have several acquity systems, most of which are H-Class with CM-A, on 2154 with citrix server.  We're seeing an increasing amount of communication failures on these systems so I'd like to reload ICOPs, clean up DHCP, .NETframework, etc, while things are quiet next week.  Our current version is 1.50 and thought it would be a good idea to check if there is a newer version before reloading the drivers.  Thanks!</p>


  • RD


    To my knowledge version 1.5 ICOPS are the latest.  Outside of a few minor updates to firmware for a few modules the whole set can be found in the June 2011 Driver Pack (P/N

    667004296 or downloadable at Waters.Com)
  • Thank you Rich!  Have a Merry Christmas!

  • BJ

    Most of our communication failures, at least when frequently, are due to a failing network switch.

    So maybe you should check this out?

  • Thanks BJ.  Ran Netevaluator and everything in terms of ethernet seems ok.  100% replies with normal response times.  I'll give it another look just in case.