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<p>I've been trying to find a way how to see the change history of a sample set method.</p><p>Say ana analyst builds a sample set, and by the time he/she issues the results, he/she or others makes a series of changes.</p><p></p><p>How can I check on what changes have been made and by whom?</p><p></p><p>Thanks.</p>

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  • rune
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    Hi Oliver

    If it is the sample set method you want to check:

    1. Right click on it and select "method properties". Here you can view differences between different versions of the sample set method.

    If it is the sample set itself you want to check:

    1. Bring the sample set to alter sample.

    2. Any injection that has been changed will have a check mark in the "altered" column.

    3. To view changes, right click on the injection/line and select "View sample history". (from here you can also select "view sample set method history).

    Please observe this is only available in a full audit trail project.

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  • Wow exactly what I need! I was baffled why there was no properties on Acquired Sample Sets, but this makes sense otherwise there will be a hugle list to wade through. This way one can just look at the suspect rows.

    Thanks a lot!