7890 ICS v2.5 on FR4

<p>Hi All</p><p></p><p>Has anyone tried using the new 7890 driver in Empower 2 FR4 for Enterprise.  Release notes show it was tested only on FR5 for enterprise and FR3 for personal.</p><p>I would guess it works it is just Waters did not "officially" test with the older Empower release.</p><p></p><p>Thasnk</p><p>Jeff</p>


  • Hi Jeff,

    Because it's impossible to test every possible configuration (remember, we support 4 languages, too), we take an approach that "bookends" the testing.  For this 7890 project in Empower 2, our bookends were Empower 2 FR3 and Empower 2 SP H Hotfix 1.  We also added testing in Empower 2 FR5 because FR5 contains significant additional functionality compared to FR3.  Unless we know of specific exceptions, versions of Empower 2 that are in between the bookends, such as FR4, will work.

    The Empower Software application is one code base regardless of the scale of the installation (Personal, Workgroup, or Enterprise), so testing with Empower 2 FR3 Personal covers all of the installation types for FR3.

    It is safe to say that the 7890 v2.5 driver will work properly in your Empower 2 FR4 Enterprise environment.  The only feature that will not be available to you is dual-tower injection capability, which requires an upgrade to Empower Software.  Dual-tower injection capability is available with the v2.5 7890 driver in combination with Empower 2 SP H Hotfix 1 or with Empower 3 FR1.  All of the other features of the v2.5 driver will be available to you in Empower 2 FR4.



  • 7890 ICS v2.5 on FR4

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  • We have this setup running for over 2 months on multiple GCs since the new 7890GC we got from Agilent can only work with ICS 2.5. Here are some overservations:

    • The ICS driver consumes a lot of CPU and memory, especially when loading report. We are using the newest PC with 2GB RAM and still feel slow.
    • The report doesn't show the intrument method setup correctly for split ratio.