Recovery after power outage with TQD

<p>Hi everyone,</p><p></p><p>We had a big storm over the weekend and lost power to my UPLC-TQD sytem. When I came in this morning, all my instruments were on but neither the vacuum pump nor the nitrgoen generator sounded like they were running. Also, the software no longer reckognizes the TQD detector and I've tried pinging the epc and I am unable to get it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Unfortuantely, I also came down with laringytis so it's very difficult for me to call tech support right now! </p><p></p><p>Thanks!</p>


  • Hello Bryce!

    I'm quite sure, that there is someone with better advice, but you can try this (it works for me when I have to make a cold-start up of UPLC-TQD):

    1. shut down UPLC, TQD and PC

    2. Turn on UPLC

    3. Turn on your PC connected to UPLC

    4. Turn on TQD, wait a few minutes, then

    5. Start MassLynx - you should be able to hear a characteristic series of sounds

    6. (Sometimes you need to restart MassLynx again).

    7. Start the Vacuum in tune page

    Hope it helps.



  • RD

    Instead of cycling the power of the TQD, use the unit's Reset button to reboot the TQD's embedded PC.

    The Reset button is a small red button located near the power switch (see attached picture).

    This should get you up and going without breaking vacuum.

    So, if you are following the steps communicated earlier by Luke, do not power down the TQD in Step 1.

    For Step 4, press the Reset button of the TQD.

    Continue with the remaining steps