Overlay channels in different projects?

<p>Does anyone know how to overlay multiple channels originating in different projects - without copying channels from one project to the other?  We use Empower 2 FR5.</p>


  • Hi

    Go to configuration manager. Select/highlight the project with the channels you want to overlay (press ctrl to select multiple projects). Right click and select open to open all selected project in one window.

    (see example in attachment).

    Select the channels you want to overlay and select the Compare function NOT the review function as you cannot overlay channels from multiple projects in review.

    I hope this explains it.

    best regards


  • Thanks for the reply.

    Unfortunately, I cannot select multiple projects in Config Manager (even when using CTRL to select multiple).  We also run Empower through a Citrix Server.  Other thoughts?

  • Hello,

    Are you clicking the number?

    From the Configuration Manager window go to Projects, hold the Ctrl key then click on the number next to the name of each Project you wish to open.  They will be highlighted.  When you have selected the desired the projects right click on one of the highlighted projects and select open.

    I hope this is helpful.


  • Thanks! I get it now - I've always highlighted from the project tree.  However, I was supposed to select in the Project TABLE.  Ah-HA!  It works!  Excellent!

    Thanks to both of you.  My question is answered.