Condensation in Sample Manager

<p>Anyone ever keep their SM at 4oC?  And I mean for extended periods of time, days, weeks, etc.?  If so, I have a follow up question for you.....DO YOU EVER see SIGNIFCANT quantities of water back behind the sample trays?  This can't be good (can it?!?!)  By significant I mean it would take lots of paper towels to soak it all up.  I've seen it before (years ago) and decided to stop cooling the SM.  Recently embarked on a project where cooling would be beneficial, so tried it again.  Now the water is back so i've had to abort cooling once again.  Is cooling just a pipe dream?</p>


  • Hi!

    We run a method which sample T is 4 deg and we have the same problem. We try to turn off T as soon as we are done but when we can't we just use a lot of paper towels. So far no other problems have been caused  becasue of the water, only the extra work. I have always wondered if is a design problem (Water people could you answer that?), sorry if we don't offer a better answer!

  • You are my hero!  Thank you for confirming it's not just my system!!  I agree with you, I think it MUST  be a design flaw.  Waters??...Anyone care to address this for us??

  • KWB


    You could check the ICOP version of the Sample Manager to see if it can be updated. Versions older than 1.4 have a different defrost cycle for the peltier device fins. Version 1.4 and later applies heating to the fins more frequently and this prevents ice from building up. Older versions defrosted less frequently and when the defrost did come on, a lot of water could be produced. Of course the more humid the lab air, the more ice will build up.

    You can check the ICOP version by going to the Windows Control Panel and looking at the programs section. If your Waters Sample Manager ICOP version is less than 1.4, contact your local Waters support and they can help you.

    Ken Blakeslee

  • Thanks a ton...I will check.  I think I'm 1.30 so hopefully that's the problem