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<p>Hi,</p><p>In our system audit trails, I see several actions reported: "deleted system",  "created system", "change system state"...  Can you describe the source of these actions? What was performed to cause these audit trail records? Also, what privilege or access was granted to allow these actions?</p><p>Thanks for the help.</p>

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    Hi Phil

    Deleting a system will not in any way affect already collected data. You will be able to see the system name and system comments for any run samples even if the system has been deleted. All you instrument methods related to a deleted system will also be intact.

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  • Sorry, I neglected to state that this was an Empower 2 application. Thanks.

  • Hi Phil

    These actions are all related to creating/deleting/changing chromatographic systems. There are no user privileges for these actions.

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  • Thanks for the quick reply. Does this mean there is no way for me to prevent a general user from deleting the defined systems?

  • Hi again

    Yes I am afraid so. The only thing you can do is limiting the access to system to certain user groups.

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  • OK, good information to know. Thank you.

  • One more follow up question...

    If a general user deletes a system, is any related data deleted? For example, sampling, results, etc?


  • Excellent. Thanks again.

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