Acquity "Air Pump Timeout"?

<p>Just curious if anyone knows what this error is...I came in this morning to it and was wondering how bad it is?  I was able to clear the error. </p><p>Thanks</p>


  • This is a Sample Organizer error.  It occurs when the pneumatic pump (which operates all of the SO movement) runs longer than 5 minutes but does not reach the pressure limit (about 110psi).  This can happen if there is a leak in the pneumatic system or pump, pump failure, or a failure of one of the check valves in the system.  I don't know how comfortable you are with the Sample Organizer hardware, but you may want to contact a Service Representative to have this addressed.

    Good Luck!


  • Hi

    This is a Sample Organizer error – concerning the pneumatics, could be an air leak, but not necessarily. The SO can continue to store, but transfer and plate exchange could fail.

    The error message means that the air pump ran for > 5min, without reaching pressure

    All tubing should be verified and reseated.

    If this is an older unit, the error could be an air pump efficiency failure to meet demand. To confirm you need to plug off air tubing before manifold, adjust air to 110, see if pump can reach 110psi, if not probably the pump needs to be replaced.

    Depends on your level of comfort, but I would call your FSE..

    Apologies for the bad news,