Querying in Empower

<p>Has anyone ever built any queries for Empower?  Say we wanted to look at all the values for a custom field for a particular project, say CONTROL_PCT.</p><p>Is there some way to search across all of the runs within a project or maybe even multiple projects?  Has anyone done this or do you have any experience with</p><p>this?  I'm guessing it can't be done on the front end and may require the toolkit but I want to see what other users out there have done since I'm sure other people</p><p>have had to query this type of information before (or are you just using a 3rd party tool).</p><p></p><p>Thanks!</p><p></p><p>Chris</p>


  • You could try this: In Browse Project, click the globe to highlight all. Then Preview/Publish the results using a report method that shows the information. It'd be a fancy table in the report method with good data filtering conditions. You'd also have to make sure all of the runs previewed actually were acceptable results.

    And, yep, I'm pretty sure Waters sells an add-on to do this for you.

  • You should be able to make a filter for the results you want.  Go to the peaks tab (for peak custom field) or results tab (for result custom fields) in the project you are interested in.  Select Edit View and add the custom field you are interested in to the table.  Save the table and when you update the tab you are viewing with that filter it should show all of the results of that custom field in the table.  If you would like to add a search function.  Go to Edit View and enter =# into the column you would like to search.  The next time you view the project with that filter selected it will prompt you for a value to search.    

  • Just note that you cannot add results from different projects to one report, even if you start and select the results from a global view, it will create multiple reports; one from each project. ( at least it did the last time I looked).