Shimadzu Nexera controlled by Empower?

<p>We have Empower 2 with Feature Release 5, using an Enterprise system.  I heard that the Nexera is not supported in Citrix.  It would have to be used with a standalone FAT client.  I can't find anything on the instrument control software for Nexera on the Waters website.  If we get a Nexera and people can't run it from their desktops using Empower, I will be in hot water.  <span __jive_emoticon_name="happy" __jive_macro_name="emoticon" class="jive_macro jive_emote" src="/4.0.8/images/emoticons/happy.gif"></span>  Please let me know if you have one and use it through Empower.  p.s. I did talk to customer support but every once in awhile I get conflicting information, and this is important for me to confirm.</p><p></p><p>Thanks!   </p>


  • Hi Crystal,

    The Nexera systems are supported by the latest ICS driver (v3.01) from Shimadzu and I have attached a copy of the Release Notes.

    Waters currently do not support its use in Citrix because no testing has been done where the driver is installed alongside our drivers or any other Partners drivers. We recommend that dedicated full clients are used in these situations.

    Thanks Andy

  • Thank you, that was very helpful!