Sample Organizer (firmware 1.5) is not being recognized by Thermo Foundation software

<p>Hi all-</p><p></p><p>Just trying to hook up our new acquity to a thermo MS. X-calibur sees the sample manager but not the sample organizer.  The sample organizer light keeps blinking also.  We are able to see the IP address of the organizer, but not event the Acquity console has the option to add it in the configuration. </p><p></p><p>Thermo is looking in to it, but I'm just wondering if anyone has had any success?  It seems as though their LC-devices software does not come with the software for the organizer?</p><p></p><p>Thanks!</p>

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  • lizh
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    So just to confirm, when in the console, you have selected "Sample Manager" View and then the "Configuration" pul down menu and replaced the default value "None" with the choice to select the Sample Organizer.

    Have you contacted your local Waters contact and/or Field Service Engineer too?

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  • There's good news and bad news now...your suggestion was right on.  I didn't realized you still had to tell the acquity in the sample manager page that there was a sample organizer to use.  The bad news is that I can't get X-calibur now to recognize that one is attached when I go to inject a sample.  Thermo configuration sees it, but when I go to inject, say plate 9:A,1 it says that it is invalid and needs to be 1:A,1.  Is there another magic fix you could recommend?!

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  • lizh

    Hi Rob

    I am copying directly from our service database on this, as I a nt an exprt, hence, asking you to contac your FSE, but I do think it does sound like a configuration see if this second paragraph and the coordinates makes sense,

    I put in the other bit, so if this happens for someone else re the configuration bit they'll have the whole detail, shameless use of your post by Waters Product Management!



    Open Xcalibur instrument configuration (Windows desktop, start -> instrument configuration, or Thermo foundation -> instrument configuration. Select the ACQUITY system and hit the 'add' button. Then hit the 'configure' button. Press the 'Plate 1 (right plate)' button; this opens the console. In the console, go to the sample organizer and scan and store its current plate configuration. Then, go to the sample manager and define all plates under Configuration...plate setup. Back in the Xcalibur instrument configuration page, select the 'Click to Show Sample Organizer Plates' button. Confirm the plate configuration described is correct. Close the configuration page.

    To run a sample sequence in Xcalibur, in the sequence setup page, go to Change -> tray name. A pop up window appears with a dropdown list and the following text: "Select tray type with which to validate vial position in the sequence." If the sample organizer is configured, your only choice in the dropdown list is 'sample organizer.' Select it and close. After that, you may set the vial position per any configured plate. The correct format is x:y,z, where x=plate location, y=horizontal row (i.e., a,b,c...) and z=vertical row (i.e.,1,2,3...).

  • thanks!  That all worked!

  • lizh

    Great, BR Liz