Agilent Infinity ICS 1.0 and Citrix

<p> Hello,</p><p></p><p>as descriped in the release notes the ICS is not supportet on Empower 3 running on Citrix-Server with Windows Server 2008 OS. Has someone tried to install the ICS under that environment and can tell me his experiences ?</p><p></p><p>Regards</p><p>Volker</p>


  • Hello Volker,

    just tried to install Infinity V 1.0 in an Empower3 environment (W2K8 R2 server, XenApp6)

    It failes with an error "WIDS_SCR_CANNOT_LAUNCH_SETUP".

    On a LACE (Empower3, Win7) it also failes with the same error.

    I remember similar issues with other ICOPs in Empower3 due to a "old" version of the Windows installer. I'll try to get mor info.

    Best regards,