ZQ2000 Tune Page

<p>Hi all,</p><p></p><p>We have 2 ZQ2000s running client/server Empower 2 FR5 Service Pack G and ICS ZQ2000 v1.01.1083.  One ZQ is working fine, one is not. When a user tries to access the tune page, the program shuts down, displays Instrument Failure in the Message Center and that's it.  This is the same for admins and users alike, firewall is not running, nothing in the Event Viewers to suggest a problem, ZQ's epc is pingable and the network settings match that of the other ZQ.</p><p></p><p>Anyone seen anything similar?  I seem to recall a document somewhere giving instructions of how an admin can login and terminal into the EPC but I can't find it anywhere.  Any help would be appreciated.</p><p></p><p>Thanks</p><p>Si</p>


  • Hello,

    Given the nature of the failure and the generic instrument failure message, it’s difficult to say what exactly may be the cause at this point - there is too little information.

    To troubleshoot this issue, there may indeed be value to a telnet session into the EPC and running various commands to see if any EPC processes are stalled or not running.

    Use the instructions in the attached document to troubleshoot.


  • Dot

    Thanks for the reply.  We have run the telnet session and found STAT_RBS to be in SUSPEND.  When we use the tt command (as shown at the top of the screenshot) it returns the code above and the it still shows as SUSPEND in the process list.  Any ideas?