Relative humdity and temperature effects on HPLC and UPLC

<p> is there any data about the optimum temperature and relative humidity in the places where we use HPLC or UPLC?</p><p>and what are the most affected parts(if any) by the relative humidity and temperature?</p><p></p><p>thanks</p>

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    Please find attachment.

    you will find it under environmental.



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    Best operationg temp range is between 4 to 40 degree.

    Humidity range is betwwen 20% to 50%.

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    could you please share the reference for your answer (if any)

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  • many thanks.

  • You have to be careful with regard to the environmental conditions (T/H).  Even though your instrument may remain within the specified operating range, a fairly constant temp and humidity is best.  I had a situation in the past where an instrument was sitting under an air vent that was cycling between warm and cool air to control the room temperature.  The detector baseline was nicely correlated with the air temperature coming from the vent.

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