Acquity Console

<p>We need some help with the Acquity console, we have a net with 7 LACEs (Config 12) and we have just bought and qualify another 3 (Config 14), and we have one UPLC H-Class installed on one of those last three LACEs but even our IT people have configured the same privileges on those LACEs we reach this H-Class form other Clients but all modules are not shown on the Run Samples Screen, I think that we must give any privilege on any Empower folder on the LACE box but I have checked them with IT people and we haven´t found which thing is different on those LACEs.</p><p></p><p>Could you help us, please </p>


  • Dot

    Hello Juan,

    We are aware of this behavior occurring in some environments. A solution is being worked on for the next ACQUITY Instrument Driver Pack.

    In the meantime, a few options have been suggested as workarounds to be utilized.

    1. Use the ACQUITY Console to view the instrument status (pressure, flow rate, and solvent composition). The The ACQUITY Console will provide a more detailed status of the instrument including pressure traces.

    2. Setup an Anonymous Logon in the DCOM settings. Follow the DCOM settings document provided for assistance in configuring this option.

    3. Provide Local Administrator login privileges for Windows to users. It is understood that this is not preferred and can be against local IT policy. This is suggested only as an option when the Run Samples Instrument Status Panel is required for running the system.

    I hope this will be helpful.