Openlynx login is very slow

<p>Can anyone recommend a fix to this problem? </p><p></p><p>After I click "Login Sample" on the Openlynx login screen, it takes almost 10 seconds to get to the next screen, which is the screen to choose your method.</p><p></p><p>Why is the delay so long here? Is there a software adjustment? </p><p></p><p>We're using Masslynx 4.1 configured for open access.</p>


  • joan

    For systems that are not using a Sample Organizer, the time taken for the Login wizard to appear after the Login Samples button has been pressed has been reduced in MassLynx SCN 714.

    Before making any changing to your system ,please read the Release Notes for SCN 714 to make sure it supports your MS instrument.

    If you need any further help on this please contact your Local Waters Service Group.

  • If you are unable to upgrade to SCN 714, try running OALogin using the Single Page login rather than the Wizard. This seems to eliminate the delay.

    Good luck!

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